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Invest What we offer

Locating opportunities

MiddelLanD is constantly researching and maintaining its networks in the Croatian real estate market to stay up-to-date on what is happening and to be expected. If land is for sale on one of Croatia 's top locations then MiddelLanD is most certainly aware of it.

Assisting in the purchase

.  The right product: MiddelLanD has, because of its vast network and physical presence in Croatia constant access to potential propositions.

.  We always carry out full due diligence. We assist in legal, financial and fiscal aspects of the transaction.

.  After sales: we stand by your side , and assist with exit strategy advise.


Introduction to the right people: lawyers, accountants, consultants, decision makers.

Sales set-up

Sales set-up for master planned communities and development projects. MiddelLanD is well connected to the right target group for leisure real estate. Through our network of agents in the UK , Scandinavia and East-European cities we can market every type of leisure property, from luxury high-end to medium priced product.

Land/development consultancy

MiddelLanD offers a one-stop-shop service concept for foreign developers, where we implement our team of architects, lawyers and construction supervisors. You can benefit from our knowledge of market prices and costs.

.  start up the development project with initial feasibility studies and sketches

.  land acquisition

.  co-investment options

.  design and permissions

.  tendering of works

.  construction supervision

.  resale campaigns

The Middelland advantage

Middelland approaches its projects from an investment perspective; its priority is to deliver each real estate product with an emphasis on simplicity and transparency throughout the purchase process. We are constantly researching this market in transition to deliver our clients up to date information on the purchase process and all risks at stake. We publish our findings in our buyer's prospectus.

Contact us

Find out more about how MiddelLanD's team of trained professionals can help you make the most out of your investments , and introduce the most exciting and cutting edge opportunities available in the real estate investment market today. Whether you are an individual, smaller investor looking to start creating your real estate portfolio , or a seasoned group of investors looking for a new and cutting edge strategy in real estate investment, MiddelLanD can help you realise your investment goals.

Contact us +31 20 7725652

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