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Middelland Croatia has a skilled focus on regions with the highest potential. Our organisation consists of a multilingual team, with international experience and knowledge of the leisure real estate business, project development and architecture.

Croatia has a highly potential leisure real estate market. It is new , and up-and-coming market, but like every country in transition, still has its obstacles to overcome. New ecological laws slowed down the market, and new rules and zoning plans cause insecurities. In this environment it is important to communicate professionalism that works on the clients behalf, and puts the client's interests first. That is where we make the difference. We do this by providing our clients with all of the information necessary to make an informed purchase. Our goal is to provide our clients with possibilities and choice. We do this in their preferred language: English, Croatian, German, French, Italian or Dutch.

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Find out more about how MiddelLanD's team of trained professionals can help you make the most out of your investments , and introduce the most exciting and cutting edge opportunities available in the real estate investment market today. Whether you are an individual, smaller investor looking to start creating your real estate portfolio , or a seasoned group of investors looking for a new and cutting edge strategy in real estate investment, MiddelLanD can help you realise your investment goals.

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MiddelLand Croatia
MiddelLand Croatia