Croatia Introduction: buying a second home in Croatia

Villa at CroatiaWhy should you buy your second home in Croatia now? Or your seaside villa or an apartment or a property in a resort..

The world has changed after the credit crisis and markets are searching for security. The EU accession in 2010-2011 can be regarded as an impulse that almost certainly will have a positive impact on the real estate market in Croatia. EU membership eases international banks to offer competitive mortgages. Many UK banks are ready to deliver this product, but regard EU accession as last requirement. Today mostly banks from Austria (traditionally 'Croatia's financial brother ") offer mortgages.

Many Croats today live as expat abroad. The returning economic prosperity in Croatia acts as an attracting force and the demand for real estate by Croats themselves has increased.

To this we add the fact the that property, right on the Mediterranean Seashore, will not remain affordable for long. It all makes Croatia a very interesting country to invest in now.

Who considers buying a property in Croatia, should be away of the do's and don't's. All steps towards enjoying your glass of wine on the sunny terrace of your seaside villa need to be taken considerately.

Croatia is a former socialist state, characterized by a light form of capitalism. The transition of Croatia to a modern EU-fit nation is completed, but the old system still makes it difficult to purchase land or property in Croatia.

However: Croatia's delayed entrance into the market of international property's caused that Croatia has the most modern and advanced cadastre system in Europe.

If you, as a foreigner, says: 'we want to buy a villa or apartment in Croatia', we would always advise to visit a local broker. In general these agents speak English or German, but it is quite unclear whose interests the agency represents: often they represent both buyer and seller.

This market had a clear need for 'Dutch', straighforward, transparent business. In 2005, Middelland Croatia jumped into this gap, now offering turn-key service to its large international client base.

MiddelLand Croatia
MiddelLand Croatia