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Croatia Seaside Living

We consider Croatia a beautiful country, but limit ourselves to our exclusive clientele of real estate on the coast (the coast, from Istria to Dubrovnik).

Heerlijke omgeving KroatiëIf you found our site, we think THIS is what you were looking for:

- A villa by the sea;
- Or an apartment on the water;
- Near a town;
- Close to great restaurants;
- 1100 islands of which 67 are inhabited;
- Completely deserted bays;
- 6000 km coastline
- A vd cleanest coasts of Europe;
- The 'new Tuscany';
- Close to entertainment and fun, but not the middle of it;
- Culture;
- A 4-season destination


The three main interesting area's for leisure real estate are Istria (coast and hinterland), middle Dalmatia (Zadar, Sibenik to Split , coast and islands) and South Dalmatia ( Dubrovnik area) . 90% of all search requests in the last 5 years were for these regions.

click here to download the map and guide:

'Real estate regions of Croatia' Heerlijke omgeving Kroatië



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